Tools to Assess SEL Program Effectiveness

Educator Impact

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When educators commit to high-quality social emotional learning (SEL), they are dedicated to ensuring that each student has the necessary resources and support to thrive and achieve their personal best in school. Learning environments that encourage a culture that highlights the importance of wellbeing and inclusive practice fare much better. Including weekly data collection to monitor student’s social emotional health in real time helps decision-makers implement a meaningful and effective SEL program and is essential to keeping programming on target. An inclusive, thoughtful approach, combined with a data-driven model that monitors competency growth on a weekly basis, produces the best outcomes.

ei Pulse gathers data from every student, every week, in a user-friendly way. Students spend just one minute answering questions regarding their mental health and wellbeing on an easy-to-use platform. The unique design enables students to check in from anywhere at any time. Vulnerable students can connect with help as needed and in a manner that is on their own terms and respectful of their privacy and needs. This encourages wide usership, along with the ability to track students’ wellbeing in real time.

Using a continuous feedback loop enables ongoing improvement, where data is analyzed regularly in order to inform intentional decision-making and support classroom practice. Strategies become more agile and responsive to the current environment and the needs of individual students. This enables schools to design programming to address challenges as they are being experienced and provide the necessary support. Unlike the usual delays when using traditional long-form assessments, ei Pulse’s ongoing data stream gives schools the ability to make a positive difference in students’ lives when it is needed.

Teachers can use feedback to inform their classroom practice and curricular decisions and guide interaction. For example, if it is discovered that students are struggling with negative thinking, a teacher can refocus lesson plans to incorporate specific skills needed for optimistic thinking. Helping students develop a strength-based perspective is teachable and can aid them tremendously. This type of mindful practice in the classroom creates a culture of care and helps build trust across the entire learning community.

Essential strategies for effective SEL curriculum include the SAFE (sequenced, active, focused, and explicit) approach. ei Pulse provides a foundational tool for this approach. The platform design actively engages the entire learning community, empowering individuals to participate in a culture of SEL and play an active role in their own wellbeing, while heightening self-awareness. By collecting real-time data, schools can identify a baseline for continuous improvement and respond to a sequence of weekly data. This ensures that strategies are agile and responsive to challenges as they arise in real time.

ei Pulse is results driven, and students learn that participation yields positive benefits that grow with continued use. This makes a SEL program impactful and illustrates to students that they are in a caring environment, which builds trust across the entire learning community and broadens usership, including the hardest-to-reach students. Data collection is focused and streamlined: “When a student flags that they need help, Pulse will connect them with the support that they need, transforming schools from measuring and fixing to proactively acting and supporting wellbeing.” With a user platform that is explicit, leaving no room for confusion or doubt, schools can be confident that their decisions and strategies around SEL are agile and impactful. The continuous feedback loop enables schools to measure individual students and track overall school culture and trends.

Weekly data collection provides schools with a constant stream of information, enabling decision-makers to monitor progress around their SEL program and make changes and/or refinements as necessary. Strategies remain agile and reflective of the present needs and current challenges being faced in the classroom. Teachers can use the data to track individual student advances and identify appropriate areas for instruction and teacher modeling in their daily classroom routines. Top leadership can track trends across the entire learning environment to help guide overall programming and policy decisions.

ei Pulse helps schools set realistic goals. Utilizing the SEL measurement cycle sets the tone:

  • Collecting real-time data using ei Pulse
  • Reflecting and analyzing the data
  • Making plans
  • Acting with confidence

Schools that choose to celebrate their successes and share positive results around SEL programming with the learning community can expand the benefits. Highlighting interventions that work and being transparent around challenges and successes foster trust. They normalize the conversation around SEL and wellbeing and deepen awareness of their importance to overall success in school and in life.

Regular data collection ensures that a school’s strategies remain agile and reflect the current climate. Using ei Pulse provides the foundation that learning environments need to stay on track of SEL and produce the best outcomes.

Here at Educator Impact, we help school leaders keep a pulse on their students’ wellbeing and empower them with tools that leverage real-time student insights to inform SEL strategies, identify which students need further support, and enable them to continually improve their SEL initiatives.

To see how we can help you do the same for your school community, feel free to reach out to our SEL and wellbeing experts today!